About Me

Benton Savage spent over 20 years bouncing around mental hospitals misdiagnosed Bipolar despite obvious evidence to the contrary. In September 2020, while on vacation in Florida, Savage was correctly diagnosed with schizophrenia and an extreme case of OCD. He has spent the last nine months trying to forget everything he thought he knew and forgive himself for all the mistakes he made.

Savage currently resides in Fort Walton Beach, Florida. He is a fulltime writer who volunteers at Junkyard Dog Gift ‘n Thrift Shop, the primary source of funds for humane and adoption services provided by PAWS (Panhandle Animal Welfare Society).

Savage was born and raised in Cleveland, Tennessee. He received his BBA from the University of Georgia. In June 2021, Savage founded the company, CRAZY-STIR, a clothing line and blog designed to increase mental health awareness.

His first poetry submission is:

The man
Who had no plan
But ran
Like a madman.