The Devil Inside

The punch of thoughts

Because my mind was so begot

Because of my devotion

I lost control of my emotions

The girl I loved

Who I believed came from above

Had done me wrong

And I felt like a ding dong.

My obsession

To make her my possession

And visa versa

Was a cursa

Her unbelievethdraw

Meant nothing at all

Because my mind

Was really so unkind

I did my best

To let my mind rest

But my advice to thee

Is to let things be

I finally punched a door

Because of the girl I adored

Who made me crazy

And my mind all hazy

And ruined my reputation

Because of her great temptation

Beauty only lies skin deep

And the horrors you will reap

Because of your infatuation

Over an unreal situation

She’ll love you at the end

But by then you’ll be around the bend.

Changing Faces

December 23, 2020
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June 8, 2021
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