The Insanity Poems

Part Two

You Can’t Come Home Again

Dream On

I didn’t get fired

For being a liar

But I quit

To be a son of a bitch

Believing greener pastures lay ahead

But I was simply out of my head

So drunk day and night

I’m surprised I didn’t lose my sight.

He of Little Faith

When the doctor

Said I was not thin

It grew my anger

Because I’d always been slim

To show him

I could be a man of moderation

I quit taking my medicine

I didn’t give a fuck

This was the beginning of Benton redux.

The Village Idiot

I started thinking

And my thoughts were stinking

She was following me

All because I had dropped to one knee

And walked away

To live near the San Francisco Bay.

Shit Out of Luck

Finally I lost so much luck

I locked myself in the car trunk

So she’d have to find me

That was until I had to pee

I busted out of the tiny space

By flailing my big Ace

Pounding against the lid

Feeling like a dumbass kid.

Mental Hospital #2

To the mental hospital I went

Which should have been a present

But I can barely remember it

No doubt

I fed the doctors loads of shit

To get out

Of that pit.

Loathing Oneself

Long refusing medicine

I continued to sin and sin

Losing my mind

And starting to become unkind

I lost all my new friends

As my mind went around the bend.


I tossed in the trash everything I owned

Right down to my cheap ass comb

Because I wanted to start fresh

Hell I would’ve lived in Bangladesh

Not even a debit card to my name

I was so insane.

I had to call home

Else Palo Alto might’ve stone

Lowly me

Because I was nuts to the 10th degree.

Marvin Starvin

When my mom and sister came

I wouldn’t even speak my name

Not sure if I was seeking attention

Or just a break from detention

I acted like I was two

Because I was so unglued

They finally left me alone

With some food of my own.

Hollywood Wins Again

Soon I was out of food

And I was one unhappy dude

Too scared to drive

Because I’d recently had two DUI’s

And since I had thrown all my possessions away

I had no way to pay

I became such a grump

I took off like Forest Gump

I planned to run across the country

With no set of extra laundry

Only a mile I ran

Before I stuck out the thumb of my left hand

So out of shape

I was breathing as loud as an ape

The po-lice said it was illegal to hitch on the interstate

But at any rate

I kept on going

Hoping to see an airplane named Boeing.

Cherry Picking Reality

All night I walked and walked

To myself I talked and talked

It felt like torture

And I passed lots of cherry orchards

Until the sun was rising

And there was no disguising

My unhappiness

Or lack of snappiness

Because she felt so sorry

A random restaurant employee

Offered me water

And I drank a lotta

Until I said I’d had enough

And called the Mom I loved.

Last Call

Call the police she said

“Maybe they can find you a bed.

I’ll call your San Francisco cousins

They’ll make sure you don’t end up in prison.

The po-lice didn’t lurch

They took me to the nearest Catholic Church

Free meal on them

Didn’t even have to confess my many sins.

Soon my cousins arrived

And took me where I could fly

Drank a beer and got a quarter bent

And on my way I went.

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